Spirtuality for the Modern Witch



Olde Magick helps the modern witch connect to her spirituality through nature, community, and the inner self.


Wicca is no longer the secretive, shrouded magick of days gone by.


Olde Magick serves the modern witch in their quest to bring traditional ritual to a busy lifestyle.


Regular classes exploring spirituality, rituals, and divination. 

We’ve got you covered with classes ranging from wire wrapping jewellery classes to broom making to tarot card reading.

What is a Modern Witch? 

Take a dive into what Wicca is, what it stands for and the easiest ways to introduce it into your modern, busy lifestyle.

Relax knowing that your life is about to get richer.

Come Visit Us 

Olde Magick is nestled in the beautiful and historic backdrop of Prescott, Ontario.

Come and visit us on the main street. Open Tuesday to Saturday, we’re always open to meeting new and fabulous faces.

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Everything you need for exploring Wicca, connecting with the natural world, and immersion into the metaphysical.

An' it harm none, do what ye will

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