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Olde Magick invites you to joins us for Magick Evenings.


Come and learn techniques for modern witchcraft, skills for your practice, and new ways to incorporate your spirituality into your daily life.


Classes are held in Prescott, Ontario.


Every Day Magick

Bring balance and wellbeing to your daily routine by embracing small spiritual rituals. Learn to find the joy in daily magick.

Build Your Spirituality

These classes bring you closer to nature, the universe and light. We’ll work at building a stronger and better spiritual resource.


Explore Witchcraft

We’ll look at how to build magick into your life in a way that makes sense to you. Explore opportunities that fit your lifestyle.


Let’s dive deep into the classes on offer.

All classes are run through Olde Magick in Prescott, Ontario.

Online classes are not available at this time but if you have an idea for an online class get in touch and let us know more!

FREE Introduction to Wicca

As with any new-to-you spirituality, it’s important to learn the basics, the history, and the lore to see if it resonates with your spiritual goals and desires. This free class is designed to walk you through all you need to know about Wicca and provide a safe and light space to ask questions and explore if it’s a path that’s right for you. Learn more…

Wand Making

A wand transforms your inner intentions into the world around you with a magick charge. Often seen as an extension of yourself, your wand is a truly personal and unique item.

This class looks at how to create a wand that will get you the results that you need. Learn more…

Tarot Card

These classes dive into everything that you need to know about tarot, divination, and the art of exploring the future through cards. You’ll learn about the symbolism behind the images, the history of the cards, and how to do basic readings. This class is perfect for beginners. Learn more…

Jewelry Making

You’ll finish your class with a beautiful wire wrapped crystal pendant. You choose the crystal that best reflects the powers you want in your life and you’ll learn the skills to as many as you want. Learn more…

Candle Magick

We’ll look into Candle Magick and why it’s one of the best choices for witches to use on a daily basis. We’ll cover how to practice this magick safely, ensuring the best practice for successful magick and spell development.  Learn more…

Pendulum Divination

Using a pendulum is for those that love to connect with the energies and the world around them. You’ll learn the best way to connect with the energies and guidance in your world. We’ll guide you through how to choose the right pendulum for you and how to care for your new guide.  Learn more…

Broom Making 

A besom broom is an item strongly associated with witches. Modern witches create them from sacred woods and use them for purifying and protecting during their magick rituals. During these lessons, you’ll learn how to make your own besom broom and learn the best tips and techniques for using it.  Learn more…

Scalar Waves

The scalar waves classes allow you to create soundscapes from your own energy and hear it back. The experience is emotional and spiritual.  Learn more…

How do Classes Work?

You can register for classes by following any of the links above. To view all classes click here.

Full payment is required for class registration. We use PayPal for this. If you do not have a PayPal account contact Sherry.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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“Such a lovely store! Positive energy is flowing everywhere! I highly recommend for everyone to check out! Quality products with a very knowledgeable woman running it! Keep up all the amazing work Sherry! ☆Blessed be!☆ ”

Caroline Marion

“Very new to Wicca – Sherry is lovely – very knowledgeable and helpful. The store is welcoming with wonderful energy and everything you need at fair prices. The workshops offered are fun and informative!”

Colleen Forrester

“Highly recommended for anyone new to the practice or who has been practicing for years. It was a very pleasant first time experience. She was very accommodating, friendly and made me feel very welcomed! Will be returning multiple times for sure.”

Cynthia Rathwell

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